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PSP company, by obtaining the relevant licenses, the possibility of clearing non-commercial shipments (documents, product samples, goods
with limited value and weight, goods without the need to obtain permission from neighboring customs organizations) as one
is fasting It is the responsibility of the customs appraiser to determine whether the goods are non-commercial.

Various factors are involved in calculating the clearance cost. Shipment value, order weight, commercial or
The non-commercial nature of the cargo, required permits, etc. are some of these factors. Collection experts
After receiving the initial information from the customer, the order clearance fee is paid in the same PSP
They inform the customer at the beginning of the order and in the shortest possible time.

Documents, samples of goods, goods with limited value and weight, and goods whose clearance does not require a license from
Neighboring organizations do not have customs, they are non-commercial goods. Commercial recognition criterion or
Being non-commercial is an order with a customs appraiser

Yes, psp company, by signing a contract with trading companies and working rights, it is possible to clear commercial orders
It has also provided you esteemed customers. The cost of clearing trade orders in full form and
It will be announced at the beginning of order registration

The process of clearing commercial goods is a complex and time-consuming process that depends on several factors, including customs,
The Ministry of Security is affiliated with the Bank and… The minimum expected time for this process is two weeks, which is sometimes possible
It will take a month.

In order to receive the total cost of clearance in the majority of the proforma invoice, complete information about the shipment is required Product images, part number, etc. to the expert, HS Code, nature of the product, invoice, packing list, use of the product
Provide clearance. The more complete and accurate the information is, the more accurate and fast the clearance fee is
will be announced later.

PSP International Express Post Company has started its activity since 2011 and having active agencies in Tehran, China, Turkey, UAE and Syria is ready to serve all importers and exporters in the production, industrial, agricultural and organizational sectors in the field Express international air freight, clearance, import, export, etc. PSP is one of the leading service providers in Iran that fulfills all business needs in this field from order registration, purchase and air transportation of goods to clearance and delivery of shipments with maximum speed and best quality.

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