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PSP international express mail by providing foreign international mail services or international express mail in the shortest time, with the cheapest price and the best quality, receives your loved ones packages and goods from all over the world and is ready to send goods abroad. It is from the country.

 Advantages of international mail with PSP

PSP International Post Company is always trying to make international mail procedures faster, simpler and more reliable by obtaining all legal permits, using professional experts and setting up international branches, and a complete set of services in In the fields of customs clearance, import from China, import from Turkey, import from Dubai, export to Syria, shipping from Dubai, shipping from China and other countries with the best quality and price.

International express mail

International express mail is one of the most important concerns of merchants and traders when transporting international cargo. PSP Express PSP, having a wide global network and international branches, is trying to send or receive your loved ones to other countries in the shortest time through the international express mail service. .

What is foreign (international) post 

International mail, also known as foreign mail, is one of the best, easiest, and fastest ways to send all kinds of cargo abroad. In this way, postal items are sent to other countries at the customer’s request and against payment of a fee. When using this method, you can be at ease in terms of security and safety, because this method is the most reliable way to send goods abroad.

High speed in the transfer of goods, security, minimal delay in sending the shipment, etc. have made this method of transportation become the first choice of traders and merchants for sending goods.

Which is the best international mail company in Iran?
People who are looking to use international mail services are always concerned about which is the best international mail company in Iran and which company can be trusted to send packages abroad?

Due to the high sensitivities of international transportation, the selection of an international postal company must be done with great care and factors such as cargo delivery speed, experience, expertise, support, etc. must be taken into consideration. Because entrusting cargo transportation to an unprofessional company can cause irreparable damages.

PSP Express international express mail with a long history in the field of international express transportation and clearance of goods is considered one of the best companies providing international mail services in Iran and during these years by employing experienced experts and providing services Specialized along with reasonable price and high speed has the honor of satisfying customers and meeting the needs of different markets in its history.

The internal offices of this company in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Yazd and Isfahan along with the foreign offices of this company in China, UAE, Turkey and Syria are always trying to make the way of business easier, smoother and more reliable for you dear ones.

All kinds of services of PSP Tehran International Post Company
The large PSP collection offers various services in the field of international transportation to the dear businessmen of our country, in the following we will get to know some of the services of this collection:

1. Fast international shipping
PSP, as one of the leading companies in international fast shipping, by obtaining legal permits and under the supervision of experienced experts, will deliver your loads and packages to your dear customers in the shortest time, at the most appropriate price and in a Door to Door manner. It receives from all over the world and also sends from Iran to other countries.

Sending goods from China, sending goods from Dubai, sending goods from China to Dubai, sending goods from Turkey, receiving goods from all parts of the world and delivering them in Iran, sending documents to all parts of the world, the possibility of sending brand goods from China to Iran, the possibility Sending small cargo etc. are some of the services provided in this collection.

2. Imports and exports
PSP International Express Post is able to transport all your imported goods and packages all over the world through its offices in China, UAE, Turkey and Syria and deliver them door to door at the desired location.

3. Customs services
PSP company with a long history in the field of customs services, obtaining relevant permits and continuous presence at Imam Khomeini airport customs provides the possibility of one-day clearance of your loved ones’ cargo from the customs of this airport.

4. Sending documents abroad
PSP Company is proud to send all kinds of documents to your loved ones at the best price and in the shortest time to all parts of the world. If you intend to send documents abroad, you can easily send your desired documents to all parts of the world through PSP international mail.

How is international postage calculated?
One of the most important issues that merchants and traders should pay attention to during international transportation is the transportation cost.

To calculate the cost of international postage, consider several important factors.

The weight and dimensions of the package is the most important factor that affects the shipping cost. In the air transportation industry, to calculate the cost of transportation, two mass and volume weights are measured, whichever is greater among these two weights is used as the weight of the goods for cargo transportation.

The country of origin and destination is one of the other important factors that affect this cost. The longer the distance between the country of origin and destination, the higher the postage will be.

Exchange rate, type of goods, number of packages, etc. are some other influencing factors

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International transportation, express air mail, goods clearance and import and export are the main services of PSP company

Shipping in PSP takes place within 5 to 15 working days, depending on the origin and destination.

Placing an order in PSP is done easily through the PSP application and website or by calling 021-42281.

To place an order, just send the image of the product, the image of the packing list and the image of the proforma invoice.

Respected customers can place their order at any time through PSP’s dedicated website and application. In addition, it is also possible to contact experts directly during working hours.

The cost of international postage and customs clearance depends on various factors. To inquire about international postage rates and customs clearance fees, just enter the necessary information on the main page of the site.


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